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Naishi Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in September 2000. It is the only enterprise drafting unit of the national standard for 30° wedge-shaped anti-loosening thread. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, and has a supporting automatic production base in Changxing, Zhejiang, on the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake. The company We have been committed to increasing the production capacity of the 30° wedge-shaped anti-loosening thread industry chain. Industry 4.0 is our development goal. The company is a private wholly-owned enterprise integrating R&D, production, supply, sales, and joint production and payment, specializing in the production of anti-loose fastening mechanisms.

Technology research and development
As an agent of sblk products in the United States, the company began to research, develop and introduce the American military standard mil-n-85353-1:1981 in 2000
Qualification certification
Our company shoulders the historical task of popularizing and applying the 30 ° wedge thread technology, and the technical development in the field of automatic electromechanical equipment of the whole plant in the industry
Service support
Based on the faith of good faith and win-win cooperation, the company has made great efforts to ensure the locking of threaded sleeve and achieved the torque + locking effect so far;
Application area
NS Naishi's products are widely used in railway official business, locomotive and rolling stock, high-speed railway, urban rail, electrified railway, and various automobile engines and hubs; Fastening of turbocharger, exhaust manifold and other components on diesel engine
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